Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are covered by Medicare?

Medicare covers the entire cost of home health care, including medical supply needs.  There is no out of pocket expense to the patient, as there is no deductible or co-insurance requirement. 

How long will my treatment last?

Medicare provides for 60-day periods of care.  Our qualified nursing staff will make recommendations for additional periods of care, as needed, until your medical goals are achieved.  You may elect to be discharged at any time you feel those goals have been met.

Must I be home-bound to receive home health?

The Medicare benefit is for patients that are confined to their home.  Understandably, patients occasionally leave their homes for doctor appointments, church services and limited social obligations.  The home health patient by definition finds it very difficult to leave the home.


Does the home health aide provide housekeeping and meal preparation?

Medicare does not pay for these services.  However, if a medical need exists for assistance with personal care (grooming, bathing, dressing) and requires a nurse or therapist, then such provisions can be included as additional supplementary care.


How do I begin home health care services?

Contact our office and speak with an admissions nurse.  Our experienced staff will discuss your personal circumstances with you and can determine if Medicare will cover your need for care.

How is my primary care physician involved?

Your primary care physician will write an order to begin home health care services.  Our medical professionals will complete an assessment of your health care requirements.  We then coordinate with your PCP and develop an individualized plan of care specifically for you.  Throughout your treatment, we will consult with your PCP and adapt your plan of care to ensure your medical needs are consistently met.

Who chooses which home health agency I use?

Medicare is very adamant that it is the patient’s preference when choosing a home health agency.  Your physician or hospitalist can make suggestions, but the choice is yours.

Can I still receive home health care services as a Medicare Advantage Program participant?

Medicare Advantage Programs vary in the benefits they cover.  You may call your provider to see what coverage is offered, or feel free to contact us to see if we accept your plan.